Some Kind of Calling

Deep Creek

“It might have been fate, or some kind of calling. It could have been random, but it doesn’t feel random. Sometimes a few pieces of the puzzle click into place, and the world seems to spin a little more freely. In other words, maybe I didn’t choose this Ranch at all, maybe this Ranch chose me.”  -Pam Houston

Country Bookshelf is excited to welcome “The rodeo-queen of American letters” Pam Houston, to share her new memoir Deep Creek: Finding Hope in the High Country.

This deeply personal account of Pam’s life is centered around her beloved ranch situated at 9000 feet above sea level in the Colorado Rockies. Reflections on wilderness and learning the meaning of home spill out of this book, interspersed with charming and often humorous anecdotes from life on the ranch.

Already a bookseller favorite, Jessica says Deep Creek is “a poignant ode to place, to nature, to natural beauty, and ultimately optimism -  a pushback against cynicism and meanness. It provides the same inevitable hope that comes with the first shoots of grass in the pasture. It champions the idea that there is safety in saving - in reaching out, in trusting to everyday grace.”

Join Pam for a reading and signing of Deep Creek, Wednesday, March 6th at 6pm.