Welcome Roberta Hamburgh

We are excited to welcome local author, and former Bozeman elementary principal, Roberta Hamburgh to share her new novel Daughter of the Border on Friday, November 16th at 6pm. 

Daughter of the Border, sets out to offer the reader a sense of my dusty, forlorn Texas border town and its constant straddling of oppositions.  In the daily dichotomies we lived through, there existed the push and pull of Anglos and Mexicans, Protestants and Catholics, the well-off and the poor, ranchers and big oil, migrant workers and farmers, life and death, speaking and silence, as well as the background entertainment of Tex-Mex music straining against the whine of Country and Western music.  Through the intimate stories of family, friends and the crises we survived, I explore these dualities. I present the lives of strong western women in my family who lived with the contradiction of being rebels and adventurers while attempting to be upstanding citizens with impeccable reputations.

Hamburgh grew up in the fifties and sixties in Mirando City, Texas, a small oil field community near Laredo, on the Mexican/American Border.. She left south Texas to go to study at the University of Missouri in Kansas City and University of Iowa- "Where I was awakened by the Iowa Writer’s Workshop course that I took from C.D.B. Bryan, author of Friendly Fire. Writing poetry and short stories became a regular part of my life."

Hamburgh got her master’s degree in Teaching from the University of Michigan in 1982. In Michigan, and spent four years teaching at the University of Michigan Children’s Psychiatric Hospital before moving to Montana. Here she taught Special Education, regular education, and spent the last eleven years as a principal. 

Please join us on Friday to learn more about Roberta's book and her writing journey.