Check Out These Great Local Authors

We are very excited to welcome two great local authors to Country Bookshelf this week, with a little something for everybody!

I've you're ready to embrace the mysteries of this Halloween season a little, put mystery writer Bill Percy, author of The Bishop Burned the Lady on your calendar for Wednesday, October 24th at 6pm. This thriller is the third installment of the Monastery Valley series,  revisiting Deputy Sheriff Andi Pelton and the small town life of a Montana valley town. Things aren't adding up for Sheriff Pelton - a mysterious fire in a remote forest clearing; a womans charred bones; unexplained tracks in the rutted road— these are the only clues Deputy Andi Pelton has to what happened. Then she meets an old man living alone in a forest compound that obviously houses many people. Sex trafficking in the Montana Wilderness? The horrors unearthed lead Andi, and psychologist Ed Northrup, deep into the appalling reality of prison gangs and a cult led by a maligned bishop. Author Bill Percy draws on his experiences as a psychotherapist to write vivid, and engaging tales of people facing painful and challenging mysteries. This chilling Montana thriller will have you on the edge of your seat.

If the hygge spirit is more your style, and you're using the changing season to work towards personal growth we hope you'll come listen to local healer Bear McKay as she introduces us to her book Your Energy Signature,  Thursday, Octobeer 25th at 6pm. Founder and Director of The McKay Method School of Energy Healing Bear McKay provides the key to going beyond the concept of the mind-body-spirit connection after practicing and teaching about energy healing--and energy types--for over fifteen years. Join us for an insightful evening!

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