Let's get Wild!

Check out these wild events coming up this week!

On Tuesday, October 16th at 6pm we are whistling with Missoula author Sneed Collard for his newest release Warblers and Woodpeckers: A Father-Son Big Year of Birding. From the killer bee-infested border region of southeast Arizona to the sultry islands of the Galapagos, Warblers & Woodpeckers recounts the quest of a father and his thirteen-year-old son to see as many birds as possible in a single year. With a measured blend of humor, natural history, and adventure, this tale takes readers to great birding hotspots of America and beyond, both to experience their incredible avian wealth and to experience the focused, often eccentric, world of ornithological travel. It's a father-son tale, in which the adventure is in the journey and the surprising discoveries and encounters with our wondrous feathered friends. Sneed brings a fast-paced yet generous voice to the attempt, and readers of all stripes will appreciate the way backyard birders can create their own Big Year.

Local author Jason Taylor follows on Wednesday, October 17th at pm, to share his new novel The End of the Wild: Shipwrecked in the Pacific Northwest. A tale of shipwreck and survival - End of the Wild is a journey of education, ecology, history and discovery. Populated by legendary creatures from Coast Salish mythology, End of the Wild will take you on a journey across time and space to discover the limits of human civilization. What happens when we reach the end of nature? What happens when all the wild places disappear from the Earth once and for all? Taylor's novel will lead you to question the nature of wilderness and what it can mean to the human soul. 

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