Q&A with Grady Hendrix

Our resident horror expert took some time to celebrate the publication of Grady Hendrix's newest book We Sold Our Souls, out Tuesday, September 18th! Harry praised the book, saying "At first I was like this isn't as good as My Best Friend's Exorcism, and then I got into and I was like 'This book rocks!' Grady Hendrix is a genius and I will never doubt him again!" Harry chatted with Grady about the book on our blog, check out this highlight.

Harry: We Sold Our Souls is all about metal and My Best Friend's Exorcism had songs as chapter titles, Do you have a background in music? Do you play an instrument?

Grady: I am about as musical as a brick, but music saved my life in high school. Being able to listen to music while driving to school was what got me through my day, and that feeling has lasted my entire life. I have huge emotional reactions to some songs and I’m an ugly crier, so I’m sure there are people on the subway who look at this red-faced crybaby wearing earbuds and rapidly move away. I’ve never played an instrument, or at least not in a way that wasn’t considered a crime in some states, but I did take a few months of guitar lessons while writing We Sold Our Souls because my main character played guitar and I needed to know what that felt like.

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