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Oral History with Kristine Ellis and Linda Brander

Your community has a story to tell. 

Growing up on the family ranch, Linda Finley fought hard to gain the acceptance and respect as a ranch hand that her brothers took for granted.

Arlene Pile barely remembers learning to ride a horse and run machinery--she was so young. She learned to drive on an 8N Ford tractor with a buck rake.

Lee Jacobsen became the first woman in the state licensed to artificially inseminate cattle.

Meet these and other Montana women passionate about caring for their land and determined to make the lifestyle their own. Many never doubted for a moment that they would spend their lives in agriculture, while others speak of their surprise and delight to find themselves living on the land. All agree that they wouldn't be happy doing anything else.

Tuesday, August 7th at 6pm author Kristine Ellis and project coordinator Linda Brander will share Montana Women from the Ground Up: - an insightful collection of oral history about Montanan women, and their experiences on the land, as agriculturalists and conservationists. 

Motana Women from the Ground up is an oral history project sponsored by the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) and Montana’s conservation districts. The role of women in agriculture is an essential thread in the fabric of Montana’s settlement and history.  The statewide oral history project honors farm and ranch women by preserving the stories of their life on the land.


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Don't forget to come celebrate Waldo seekers this Saturday, August 4th at 2pm. Snacks and raffle prizes abound!