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Q&A with Author Christine Carbo

We're delighted to be hosting Christine Carbo on Wednesday, July 18th at 6pm for her latest thriller, A Sharp Solitude. Our mystery and suspense maven, Wendy Blake, says, "My favorite part of Christine Carbo’s mysteries are that they are set in Glacier National Park, with all its beauty and wildness!" Wendy also had a few questions for Christine:

Wendy: What is your process for starting a new book, and how long does it take you to write a book?

Christine: Oh gosh, I'm not sure I have a good grasp on that process. It seems to change with each book and is usually a messy, disorganized process. Often some nugget of an idea from something I've heard, read, or thought about in my past will stay with me or keep coming back to me, which makes me realize I have an idea that interests me enough to dive deeper into it and develop it into a story. Then when I finally come up with some form of a suspenseful situation or premise (not necessarily a plot yet), I'll begin to mull it over and take random notes. At some point I know I just need to start writing even if I don't have it all figured out. I often write without an outline and poke my way forward in the dark. Eventually I get there, but sometimes I wish I was more organized from the get go. Creativity can be a messy process for some writers and I happen to be one of those, whether I want to be or not. 

Check out our blog for more from Wendy and Christine's conversation. And be sure to check out Christine Carbo's newest book - A Sharp Solitude on Wednesday, July 18th at 6pm.